Auto RGP

AutoRGP Released!

There is just something fascinating about old school RPG games. I’m not sure exactly what, perhaps it is the simple graphics mixed with magic and childhood memories.

I just finish a little game called Auto RPG, that makes playing RPG easy (perhaps too easy?) and quick.

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Balloon Math

Balloon Math

I’m making the move to multi platform development.

Balloon Math is a game for kids in age of 5 to 10. Beside being my “test” project for multi platforms, it is also an educational game that teaches kids to do simple math.

It collects data (locally) about the player progress and the difficulty is automatically adjusted according to the skills of the player.

As motivation, balloons looking like animals can be collected. Read more

Soluna Software

Soluna Software is changing

For 4 year I have been running this company and in those years my small team has been working on games with focus on mixing motivation into educational games. While this has been great and fun, I have decided that this will change.

Going forward from today, Soluna Software will be more personalized around my person, my thoughts and my interests.
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