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There are many individuals out there creating awesome stuff. After months or perhaps even years of work some of these people finish their work – and publish it for the the world to enjoy.

This is so great! Lots of cool and interesting stuff are in this way now part of the world we live in.

But all to often, the work are ditched by others, simple because the work of a single person is compared to similar work by big companies with lot of staff and resources. This seems not fair.

So lets be friendly and focus less on minor flaws and ENJOY the work created by Independent Developers.

I have created a badge:


Here is a smaller version:


Feel free to use it in your work so other people can see that it was created by a Independent Developer.

Rules for displaying this badge in your work:

  1. You developed the work/product yourself (perhaps with some help/assistance from others)
  2. You are not a big company with millions of dollars in revenue
  3. You would love NOT to get ditched just because you work has some minor flaws
  4. You would love to get motivation from other people for your next project

That’s all. Enjoy and thanks!


Mikael Thomsen

If you use the badge, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!


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