Take Down Zombies

Take Down Zombies

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Play as Charlie or Nellie and save the world while an exciting story unfolds!

Take Down Zombies is very easy to play. You can shoot left or right – and you must shoot zombies but not civilians! The game is about timing and strategy.


  • Zombies type with different behaviors. E.g. a nurse zombie that can raise a killed Zombie
  • Many types of skills/upgrades. E.g. Mines and Air Support.
  • Interesting story (log book writing by Charlie/Nellie)
  • Retro look (pixel art)

Feel free to give me some more feedback in the comments below.




11 thoughts on “Take Down Zombies

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  2. Great game…I just gave it 5 stars over at Microsoft’s APP store. What language/program did you use to make it?
    I use GameMaker Studio…and have made some basic games myself. I use to be a mod at GameMaker’s Sandbox.
    Would like to be informed of future updates.

    • Thanks!

      I use Constuct 2 (by Scirra). Before that I used Game Maker. Both engines are good I think.

      Follow me on Twitter to get news about my games. ☺

  3. Hi there,

    I love your game, its so good art on there, and I think first PixelArt – Action game on Android… Well, you need to fix the touch system or maybe the buton, I like invisible buton… Its good, so I supported your content, I knowing this game from Scirra its Construct 2 Development… Well, stay updated this game on all platform’s

    Thank’s and great from me!

    • Maybe more characters for civilian, zombies, player not just 2, and more maps like in Asian, Europe, American more city.. And one more fix the touch when player play this game on android the control its lag (Still use the invisible control/buton thats good) just that from me :)

  4. – Needs weapon variety
    – Needs more level variety
    – There’s a bug that the helicopter comes down too early, but flies back up right away
    – There’s a bug that if you want to walk past your civilians, instead you start shooting and kill them all
    – Overall much more polish / details. Especialy on the menu

    But it’s looking great so far.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment on my game.
      Most of your observations are true.
      Game could use more weapons and level variation – and more polish. But after several month of development (in my free time) I just had to released (polish or not).
      The helicopter going suddenly up is not a bug, if your are close to dying it will try to save you, but if you manage to survive (kill all nearby zombies) it will go up again so you can finish the level successfully.
      The game is much about prioritizing what to shoot. Player WILL walk past citizen if zombie is NOT close to citizen. If zombie IS close, player will try to shoot it (risking hitting a citizen). You can buy abilities that will improve your aim (so it is less likely that you hit a citizen).


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