Take Down Zombies

Take Down Zombies

Play as Charlie or Nellie and save the world while an exciting story unfolds!

Take Down Zombies is very easy to play. You can shoot left or right – and you must shoot zombies but not civilians! The game play is about timing and strategy.


  • Zombies type with different behaviors. E.g. a nurse zombie that the raise a killed Zombie
  • Many skills/upgrades. E.g. Mines and Air Support.
  • Interesting story (log book writing by Charlie/Nellie)
  • Retro look (pixel art)

Available on AndroidiOS and Windows 10.


 Auto RGP



Playing RPG games has never been so easy!

Auto RGP is very easy to play. Most of the game is handled automatically. You can tweak your character a bit and use “The Finger of GOD” to engage in battles.


  • Retro look (pixel art)
  • 16 enemies
  • Lots of weapons
  • Free

Available on Web.

Balloon Math

Balloon Math


In this game you just need to select two balloons so the math is correct.


  • Learn math in a motivating way
  • Learn to understand math
  • Automatic adjustment of difficulty (game level automatically matches the child’s age).
  • For kids in age 5 to 10
  • Free


Available on Android  Windows Phone Windows iPad iPhone

Michael’s Math Zoo

Michaels Math Zoo


You are going to have a zoo, and by playing small fun math oriented games you will be able to expand the zoo. That generates motivation and the feeling of success. You will be really motivated to do math and doing math is finally a fun thing to do.

Available on Windows Phone