Epic Platformer

Epic Platformer

Wanna make a cool Platformer game?

My Epic Platformer template for Construct 2 will get you going in no time!

You can try the template by clicking the Play button above. If the game does not show please try to reload the page. It should work on Chrome and Firefox (problems has been reported on Edge and IE).

A keyboard is required to play.

Press arrows keys (up, down, left and right) to move.

Buy the code at Scirra Store and build that dream game of yours!


5 thoughts on “Epic Platformer

  1. Hi All,
    i’ve just buyed your template but seems that require one construct license that i haven’t.
    How i can use it ? i’ve buyed all your bundle related epic platformer with the aim to understand how it work and how i can to create my games.
    Sure only in case i can create my game i’ll buy construct licence.
    best regards

  2. Hey there! I just purchased a bundle to use in Construct 3. However, when I go to start up the game, it won’t open it because I don’t have Spritefont+. Is there a workaround so I can just skip that file? Or a way to get that for C3? I looked around a bit, but no one seems to have an updated version for C3. The only work around requires that you open the project in C2 and make adjustments… but I do not own C2, and am on a mac, so it would be a pain. :) Any suggestions?

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